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Reviews - a small selection, with Amazon *rating


Give & Take: A Tale of Erotica

'... a well written story-based erotic novel and the characters are developed so much they could live next door to you. They are believable, as is the dialogue. I went out my comfort zone with Tom Benson’s novel and I am glad I did.'

5* - Sharon Brownlie, Spain

A Taste of Honey

'And the scene details weren't limited to her weapons. The same meticulousness applied to room settings, sounds, smells, clothing choices, and of course, crime scenes. Brutal, wrenching, believable.'

5* - Felipe Adan Lerma, Texas, USA

Amsterdam Calling

'Readers who expect and demand authenticity in their reading will not be disappointed; the geography, history, and every other aspect of Amsterdam are thoroughly well researched, a fact which shines throughout the book.'

5* - Paul Ruddock, UK 

Beyond The Law: Formation

'If you like your heroes hard and your action fast and furious, this is the book for you. Tom Benson has done his research and knows his subject well. He draws a detailed streetscape of Glasgow and his military knowledge works to great effect in this non-stop thriller.'

5* - Patrick Christopher Power, Ireland

Beyond The Law: Retribution

In the sequel all the main characters have developed in the intervening years. Then they team up with an unlikely group – a very rough motorcycle gang. The mutual respect that develops between our highly specialised covert operatives and the gang is pleasing to see.

5* - Barbara Speake

Ten Days in Panama

'really good story behind these two strong, intelligent characters meeting. The spark between them evident from the start but both hesitate to make the first move, and what moves they were. Two strangers come together for research only to find much more.'

5* - BC2011, USA

Smoke & Mirrors: and other stories

‘The story 'Photographic Memory' had amazingly good descriptive content, and 'Down To Earth' left me speechless with admiration. It is easily good enough to rank with a story by one of the very best of the well-known writers in the SF short story genre.’

5* - John MW Smith, UK

'Some of the stories made me smile and some brought an unexpected tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. They are clever, wise, well-constructed and well-observed, in terms of both dialogue and description. .'

5* - Lesley Hayes, UK

Coming Around: and other erotic stories

'It’s a great book if you want to explore different kinds of sexuality in a safe way. The stories are realistic and believable.

They are simple but clever. Some of them appealed to me more than others ... I enjoyed reading them all.'

5* - Katerina Sestakova, Hawaii


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