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There are 30 poems ranging from the ‘everyday’ to TV programmes.

Love and Romance


There are 60 poems. Some are single and others are serial form.  I’ve used insight, events in my own life and fantasy.

Military Matters


There are 80 poems about military life. Some are based on personal experience and insight whilst others are fiction.

Natural History 


There are 45 poems based on fact, insight and imagination. My aim with these is to entertain and possibly educate.

Thrills and Chills


There are 50 poems which are diverse and would not sit well within my genre-based books.

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Rhyme & REASON


200 peoms. Serial verses not previously published in a book.

Introductory individual verse from my genre-based series.




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A collection of 50 erotic poems featuring graphic sexual activity between consenting adults. Various preferences are highlighted in this anthology, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, cross-dressing, and BDSM. 

This book is intended for adults.

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Tongue in Cheek

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A box set of five themed volumes of poetry.

Get them all in one pack and save money too.

Poetry:  A World of Verse

        Box Set of eBooks..

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