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Dan and Crystal meet in Amsterdam in the summer of 2013. He is a British journalist with reasons to take a break. She is an American fashion designer, eager to trace her European ancestors.


Their relationship develops rapidly, as they visit many places of interest in the wonderful city of Crystal’s heritage.

During their first days together, they discover that a British hit-man is hunting for Dan, and a neo-Nazi group are investigating Crystal, because of her Dutch ancestry.


(re-titled - previously Beyond The Law)


In January 1996, Phil McKenzie leads his Special Air Service team, on a secret mission into Kentobi, Africa. An assassin codenamed Chameleon, kills the Kentobi president, but Phil is framed for the murder. He negotiates liberty at a high price; an end to his military career.

Following a brief attachment to the Metropolitan Police and discharge from the Army, Phil returns to his hometown as Hawk, a vigilante. The term, ‘deniable ops’, finds new meaning as Phil tackles Glasgow’s underworld with his small, unique team. Using stealth, intelligence, and bloody violence, Phil hunts down the city’s Godfather.


Pete Harris is 48 and a dedicated Investigative Journalist. He is passionate about conservation. In 2009, in the Northern Atlantic, the Englishman is almost killed by a man with secrets. One year later Pete accepts an assignment which will once again involve embracing his only fear - open water.


Marine Biologist, Dr. Gloria Banderas is devoted to her job in a small lab on Panama’s Pacific coast. Gloria is 43 and extremely fit. She has many admirers. One day in 2010 she receives an email from England. A man is requesting her help with his next assignment.

They will spend ten days together, during which, their emotions will go on a rollercoaster ride. During this time, an adversary will attempt to kill both of them.


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On 14th June 2003, Kimberley Forest a detective with the NYPD, is awakened by the buzz of her cell phone. She checks the display to see the caller is Harriet, her teenage sister. When Kimberley listens to her cell, she hears a brief conversation between two men.

In less than an hour, the off-duty officer is driving 700 miles to the family home in Greensburg, Indiana. What Kimberley finds in the basement has a profound effect on her. Her teenage sister’s fate initiates a chain of events that will affect the lives of many others, and not in a good way.

Kimberley mysteriously disappears and a merciless vigilante begins a reign of summary justice.



Codename: Nightshade


In October 2004, Rachel Donoghue left Glasgow for the Scottish Highlands. She vowed to continue in the role for which she was chosen and trained, but first, she needed time alone.


Would the highly-skilled operative be capable of working alone?

Before disappearing from circulation, Rachel left a calling card with a small network of contacts.

The cards displayed a picture of Atropa Belladonna ;

Deadly Nightshade.






In February 2004, Martin Cameron is sprung from custody on the streets of Glasgow. The ruthless gangster vanishes, but not before leaving instructions for trusted henchmen. A period of mayhem ensues which includes the murder of two outlaw bikers.

Phil McKenzie aka Hawk, calls a meeting of his small vigilante team, but will they make allies of the Mental Riders Motor Cycle Club?

Will the police recall July 1996 and once again leave battle to commence?

There are turbulent times ahead for many hearts and minds – and Scotland's underworld.


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In August 2004, close relatives of three recently deceased Glasgow gangsters are looking for answers, and revenge. Those intent on causing more bloodshed have yet to meet each other.

Will they form an alliance, or handle their issues as individuals?

Phil and Annabel have handed over the running of BTL Enterprises, but will they be called out of early retirement?

Why would a flag be flying from a castle ruin on a Scottish island?


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Bryce Crawford is handed a small package. At first glance, the items within are small and insignificant, but they open up a world of mystery and intrigue for the young artist.


During the summer of 2014, Bryce will travel far beyond his beloved Scotland searching for answers. A knowledgable taxi driver, a mysterious woman and the uncomfortable presence of a stalker are among his acquaintances as he unravels the puzzle left by his father.


Is Bryce what he claims to be during his quest?


Will Bryce complete the task set from beyond the grave?

Due publication in 2019


Due publication in 2019

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