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Dan and Crystal meet in

Amsterdam. He is a British

journalist. She is an American fashion designer.

During their first days together,

they discover that a British

hit-man is hunting for Dan, and

a neo-Nazi group are investigating Crystal, because of her Dutch ancestry.


In 1996, Phil McKenzie leads

his SAS team, on a secret mission

into Africa. An assassin,kills

the Kentobi president, but Phil is framed for the murder.

He negotiates liberty

at a high price.Phil returns to his

hometown; Glasgow and tackles

the underworld using stealth,

intelligence, and bloody violence.



Pete Harris is a journalist and is

passionate about conservation.

In the Northern Atlantic, the

Englishman is almost killed.

Dr. Gloria Banderas is a Marine

Biologist on Panama’s Pacific coast.

They will spend ten days together,

A common adversary will attempt

to kill both of them.


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Kimberley Forest is awakened by

the buzz of her cell. She checks

the display to see the caller is

Harriet, her teenage sister. When Kimberley listens to her cell, she hears two men.

In less than an hour, the off-duty

detective is driving 700 miles to

Greensburg, Indiana. Kimberley

mysteriously disappears and a

merciless vigilante materializes.



Codename: Nightshade


In October 2004, Rachel Donoghue

left Glasgow for the Scottish

Highlands. She needed time alone.

Would the highly-skilled operative

be capable of working alone?

Before disappearing from

circulation, Rachel left a calling

card. The cards displayed a picture

of  Atropa Belladonna ;

Deadly Nightshade.






In February 2004, Martin

Cameronis sprung from custody and vanishes, Mayhem ensues,

including the murder of two

outlaw bikers.

Phil assembles his vigilante team.

Will they work alongside the

Mental Riders Motor Cycle Club?

Will the police interfere?




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In August 2004, relatives of

recently deceased Glasgow gangsters are looking for

revenge. They have yet to


Will they form an alliance?

Will Phil and Annabel be called

outof early retirement?

Why would a flag be flying from a

castle ruin on a Scottish island?



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Bryce Crawford is handed a package.

At first glance, the items within seem

small and insignificant. They open

up a world of mystery and intrigue

for the young artist.

Bryce will travel far beyond Scotland.

A taxi driver, a mysterious woman

and a stalker are among his


Will Bryce complete the task set

by his father from beyond the grave?

Due publication in 2019


Due publication in 2019

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A Life of Choice: Part One


 A Life of Choice: Part Two

A Life of Choice: Part Three

In 1969 Jim Faulkner, a shy 17-year-old joins the British Army.

The teenager survives training to be posted to southern England. A few months later the regiment moves to Germany. Jim immerses himself in a hedonistic lifestyle.

In 1973, Jim is on the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

On return to Germany, it's back to a hyper-active social life.

Jim’s maxim is work hard - play hard, but how long can he maintain such a life?

Jim leaves Dortmund under a cloud in 1974, off to Londonderry. Interesting tasks abound.

Jim recognises the personal issues he must overcome, like his dependence on alcohol.

A course in Catterick follows and then Jim moves on to West Berlin. He becomes co-founder of a fund-raising club and all is going well—at first.

Jim only thought he had problems previously. Again he lives life to the full--with consequences.

It's 1978, and Jim has taken the ultimate step to save his career, and possibly his life—he has married Avril, the girl he met in Londonderry. The operator wants

to have a successful military career.

When the couple leave West Berlin, Jim knows he must take care. A series of postings will test Jim in every respect and now as a husband, he has responsibilities outside of work.

Will Jim, the ex-office junior finally prove himself as a career-soldier?

Paperback Paperback Paperback


The Trilogy Edition is only

 available in paperback.


The Trilogy Edition is only

 available in paperback.


The Trilogy Edition is only

 available in paperback

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