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Updated - Sunday 10th February 2019


I spent all of January working on Codename: Nightshade, which, at fifteen chapters is well underway and should be ready for the summer. Writing a thriller is easy, but doing it well is the challenge.


A Class Act is my latest full-length erotica novel - now available. It's already a personal favourite.

This year I plan to write an erotica novella, and a book of erotica poetry. After those titles I'll be easing up on writing the saucy stuff to concentrate on 'mainstream' genre. I have agreed to continue mentoring a new author on the erotica scene, and I'll give her a shout-out on social media when her first title goes live.


All my eBook titles have Amazon-preview/buy option buttons.  Alternative universal links available via BookLinker.  




- Codename: Nightshade is a spin-off from the Beyond The Law trilogy - due 2019.

- One Man, Two Missions: and other stories - due 2019.

- Czech Mate is a standalone thriller, not surprisingly set in the UK and the Czech Republic - due 2019.

- Woman to Woman is a prequel to Give & Take - due 2019.


Away from this, my official author website, I have maintained a writing blog at Tom Benson - Creative.

To support a genre which can be divisive in its subject matter I now have a second blog at Tom Benson - Erotica.  

I continue with my beta reading, and working on stories for inclusion in the next collections by the Indie Author Support and Discussion group. 

My blogs always have my updated Work in Progress (Projects).


Thank you for visiting my author website.