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Latest News - Wednesday 7th June 2017


A Life of Choice: Part Four is now available, and so too is Highland Games - 3: An Erotica Novella.


Ten Days in Panama will be free to download Sat 17th/Sun 18th June 2017.


I've commenced releasing a selection of my titles from Amazon KDP Select to publish on Kobo for a trial period of six months. I will continue to offer a different title free for a weekend each month on Amazon through 2017. This offer will not be affected by my experimental split to Kobo. I've scheduled all free titles for this year.


All my titles have Amazon-preview/buy option buttons. You are taken to your local Amazon - no commitment.

Alternative universal links are available via BookLinker.

Links to Kobo will appear as my titles become available there.  

My prices still range between £0.99 / $0.99 and £2.49 / $3.49. Credibility comes before financial gain.




- A Life of Choice is a five-part coming-of-age story about a young man who tackles a military career to escape his humdrum life. The characters are fictional although some scenes are based on actual events. 

A Life of Choice: Part Five will be available in Autumn 2017.

- Highland Games is a five-part erotica novella series. Target date for Highland Games - 4 is late Summer 2017.

- Codename: Nightshade is a spin-off from the Beyond The Law trilogy, and is in the early development stage.


Away from this, my official author website, I have maintained a writing blog at Tom Benson - Creative.

To support a genre which can be divisive in its subject matter I now have a second blog at Tom Benson - Erotica.  

I continue with my beta reading, and working on stories for inclusion in the next collections by the Indie Author Support and Discussion group.


My two blogs will be updated monthly with the relevant Work in Progress.