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Give & Take


Nick's sexual demands  are sometimes unreasonable. In order to save their troubled  relationship, Kirsten  takes a course of action nobody would have expected.

Will it work?

How will it affect their lives together?

Highland Games - 1


Jeff is an interior designer with a promise on the side of his van,

'Your wish  is my Command'.


Cheryl is opening a unique hotel in a remote location in the Scottish Highlands.


Will Jeff meet Cheryl's demands?

Do they have designs on each other?

Highland Games - 2  


Melanie is confused and curious.

Holly knows what she wants and appears from the past.

Jeff will take whatever is going and is in the present.

How will the situation develop?

Highland Games - 3


Bobby is the new guy in the office and lacks confidence.

Sabrina is established and in a position to help.

Vince comes on the scene and Bobby is undecided what to do.

Will Sabrina pull a few strings to exert control?

Highland Games - 4


Alex has a secret passion which is discovered by his roommate.

Will Alex succumb to blackmail, or will he come clean with his wife?

What will become of him if he ceases to be a highly paid stockbroker?

Who is Wendy, and will she help?

Highland Games - 5


Wendy arrives at the Highland Haven Hotel.

Kirsten and Nick accept an invitation to join Sarah and Marcus on a break.

Natalie and Georgina have a surprise visitor.

Cheryl has offers coming from a variety of admirers.

How will it all develop?

Coming Around ...


A ‘dirty dozen’ tales to tempt, tease and titillate, which includes: heterosexual, bi-curious, gay, menage, voyeurism,

cross-dressing, transgender, and BDSM.


A taste of erotica if you haven't tried it before.

Curious & Camping


My name is Chris. I borrowed a campervan for my best mate, Marty, and me to tour. We'd be seeing a lot of each other, but I couldn’t have imagined how much.


We wanted to explore and  meet girls, and a couple of the girls were keen to explore too.


The aim of our trip was discovery. It was achieved.

Curious and Camping

Due publication 2018

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A selection of naughty tales to tease and titillate.

Quiet Night Inn

Due publication 2018

Quiet Night Inn