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A collection of 12 stories

for those who enjoys the challenge of good

versus evil.

I've used a variety of genre

and circumstances.

Tales delivering justice.


Smoke & Mirrors:

and other stories

A dirty dozen tales to tempt, tease and titillate.

Perhaps your fantasy

is among them ...

Coming Around: and other erotic stories

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The Welcome: and  

other Sci-Fi stories

A collection of 15 tales which feature astronauts, aliens, Space exploration, planet invasion, unusual occurences, and much more.

Six stories are by guest authors. 

Anthologies and Series



A teenager feels there must be more than a dead-end job and no social life.

During his lunch-break one day in 1969, while walking the city streets, he stops to look at the pictures in an Army Careers Office window.

How far might he go?

A Life of Choice: Part One

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A Time for Courage: and other military stories

Tales to enjoy whether or not you have served. Humour, fact, fiction, and fantasy in: Vietnam, Africa, Northern Ireland, Ancient Briton, and the Persian Gulf.

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Jim learns about his job, alcohol abuse, relationships, and more about life.

How does he cope under pressure?

Will the unit serve in troubled Northern Ireland?

How does Jim’s first German posting affect his outlook?

A Life of Choice: Part Two

Smoke & Mirrors 150516 Coming Around 150516 The Welcome 150516 A Time for Courage 150516

   Highland Games - 1

Each book introduces new characters, but cameo roles are played by characters featured in other stories from the series.

Apart from sexual activity, the Highland Haven Hotel is a central feature of the series. It is situated in a remote location, not surprisingly – in the Scottish Highlands.

A minimum of five books will be produced for this series.

Amazon - Preview/Buy BookLinker Highland Games - 1 - Cougar


Highland Games - 2

Amazon - Preview/Buy BookLinker A Life of Choice - Part Three

A Life of Choice: Part Three


Every posting is a fresh start.

Jim has a chance to improve his qualifications. Whatever happens, he is scheduled to move on again after two years.

Will Jim settle in his new role, or will alcohol become a major part of his life again?

Is Jim shaping up as a soldier

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Temptation: and

other stories

A collection for readers who prefer a mixed genre.

I have featured vengeance, thriller, horror, paranormal, sci-fi, romance, contemporary, and sizzling romance (not erotica).

We all get urges.

Can you resist temptation?

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A Life of Choice: Part Four

In West Berlin Jim faced a variety of conflicts. He had a further year to serve as he returned to the UK on leave harbouring a secret.

After Berlin, should Jim reconsider his military career?

If he accepts the next posting he’ll be back in West Germany with plenty of opportunities, but would he make the right decisions?

Available - Sept 2017
Available - Sept 2017

A Life of Choice: Part Five

Where will it all end?

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Highland Games

Erotica Novella Series

Highland Games - 3

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Highland Games - 4

Highland Games - 5

Sept 2017
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Coming soon
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