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Summary justice has long been a subject close to my heart, and it underpins

my writing. The vigilante movie ‘Death Wish’ starring Charles Bronson is my

all-time favourite. Having been bullied at school, I was in my teens before I

learned to fight back, and it was during military basic training that I stopped

turning the other cheek. I had decided; enough was enough.


I can still reach back to that turning point to help my thought process when

writing. My work is heavily influenced by those early lessons in life, and I believe

this in turn, creates an appeal for readers with a keen sense of justice.


Thank you for visiting my website, which is primarily a showcase for my books. The site will also provide the opportunity for direct communication between my readers and me. You will see that my Home page features three of my novels. All of my titles are listed with a brief description on my Novels, Anthologies, Poetry, and Erotica pages.


Many readers, including me, take a keen interest in what inspires writers. For example, as a young child with a vivid imagination, I believed myself among the trees, observing the action in Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’. When I reached my teenage years, I was fascinated by tales of covert operations and dreamt of being an agent in ‘The Man From UNCLE’. Detailed imagery is essential to transport the reader to the location, and into the action.


A good writer should be able to suspend belief; to make fiction appear to be fact. This skill is one of the greatest challenges of creative writing and where imagination, experience, effort and determination all play a part. It is where I give myself over completely to producing my best. Credible characters and realistic locations absorb the reader, and I strive to accomplish this goal with all of my writing.


Be it a novel, short story or poem, thriller or erotica, justice in various forms is an underlying feature in much of my work. Inspiration is never far away. We live in a fast-paced, violent and demanding world, so I strive to bring pleasure by balancing the scales, even if I am only able to do so in my stories.


I tend to work on a variety of projects running concurrently, but with a primary task. My News page will

provide supplementary information about present and future projects.


I find feedback useful, be it opinion, constructive criticism, or request for information.

My Contact page exists for you, so please feel free to get in touch. I will respond.



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